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Unpaid Internship-Remote

Published Date

March 31, 2021, 9:00:00 PM

About the job


Key Competencies

· Sound judgment

· Quick learner

· Friendly

· Self-motivated with strong work ethic

· Eagerness to help all teams as needed

· Problem-solving and negotiation skills

· Ability to work independently without hesitating to ask questions or to seek guidance when necessary.

· Ability to accept feedback

· Interest in working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment

· Ability to work under pressure

· Sales and marketing experience preferred


Responsible for assisting She Can Win with recruiting members

Responsibilities include

· Helping She Can Win plan the 2021 Policy Conference

· Increasing She Can Win membership sign ups

· Forming strategic partnerships with local coalitions

· Attend membership and strategic partnership committee meetings

· Organize membership drives

· Create engaging membership presentations for prospective members

· Support Staff, Board Members, and President

About us

About She Can Win
Investing in Women in Civic Enagagement
Founded in 2014, She Can Win is a movement that supports, educates, invests in, and empowers Women who have passion for civic leadership. We are dedicated to creating parity in politics and public office. Our mission is to recruit, educate, and support women who desire leadership roles in the civic space. Furthermore, to inspire young girls in future generations to soar and reach their full potential. The vision of She Can Win is to create parity in the political realm. We believe that by providing the necessary resources and trainings that we are not only encouraging more women, but are placing more women in elected seats.


Philadelphia, PA, USA